Search for a word

I open a new blank note in my phone,
I right-click for a new word document,
I even keep a blank paper and pen ready,
But I fail to find my word.


A cozy study in our own home,
An Ikea desk to go along,
A perfect bookshelf and windows on either side,
But I fail to find my word.


Inspirations come and go,
Write at least a page everyday they say,
Friends and acquaintances push as well,
But I fail to find my word.


There is so much to read and so much to hear,
Knowledge pours in from all corners of the world,
I prefer to act as an audience,
I feel lazy to find my word.


I find respite in books and articles,
I silently scroll through social media,
Too much noise created everywhere,
I don’t feel like adding my own word.


The social noise sometimes so polluting,
Highlighting the immaturity of people,
I choose to remain silent in this chaos,
I decide not to find my word.


Scared of the judgments people make,
Wrongly interpreting your way of life,
I feel like ignoring all of them,
And hope to live by my word.


As I read my old posts,
And realize how naive I was,
It’s a fun way to see yourself evolve,
I crave to find my next word.


The more I absorb over these years,
The positives and negatives of life,
Thoughts start clogging in my head,
I go in search for a word.

About sayaliiyer

I ruminate on random thoughts with my sweet tooth; an arm chair discussion enthusiast, book lover, board gamer, herbivore, and seeker of more such cool labels to be put up on the bio. Thanks for stopping by to read the products of my rumination!
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2 Responses to Search for a word

  1. Ragij says:

    Well written 🙂 The poem could have ended at the second-last Stanza.


  2. meenal151 says:

    Hi Excellent ! I liked it more because I could relate with every -mind you- every word of your blog! Actually not a blog but a lyrical expression -poetic style.

    I too ( re) discovered my writing talent lately after retirement and do have a collection written on various topics . But alas… I get discouraged to publicise it because of all the points you have listed !! In addition, my first professional work- a translation of a marathi novel into english has taken 2 yrs to see the light ( expected now by Dec-16) All this because of the more easy way of self-publishing method, wherein you can publish any mediocre work with your own money : which I refused to adopt.

    Every day I carry my writing pad & ipad to put my thoughts down & to share them with the world but….. return back with empty ones!!! In my case my age is also a factor that pulls me back. So keep writing some words such as this !!


    Meenal Kelkar

    Sent from my iPad



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