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Pursuing writing as a hobby has been a new found attraction for me and I keep looking around for some inspiration. It helps me realize that I am not the only one thinking in a certain way and there are a lot of people around me who have thought the same before starting to write.

My idea of getting inspiration is when I wake up in the morning and feel the desperate need to read a blog or the work of an artist even before I get out of my bed. So go ahead and read more about those writers or artists in this category. They are creative and passionate to pursue their dreams. Feel free to suggest more people and/or blogs and/or writers and/or artists whom you follow and enjoy their work.

Thank you!


This post again belongs to the category, “a cup of inspiration” and is a long one. So, make sure you have your cup of milk/coffee/tea ready with you! There were a few television shows during our childhood, which we never … Continue reading

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Sidin Vadukut

Whatay can I say about this blogger. My very recent and probably, the very first cup of inspiration has been the blog of this guy: Domain Maximus at Go ahead and enjoy his writing. Before you do that, I … Continue reading

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